Welcome! I'm Lee...


I'm a geographer whose work spans home and belonging, responsible land and community development, and technology for social impact. My nomadic upbringing — spanning 28 homes in 6 countries — made me realize early in life the importance of home and land to the human spirit, and to the development of healthy individuals and communities.


After spending my early years in rural Minnesota, my family moved to the Marshall Islands. There, I witnessed the radioactive fallout that made the land uninhabitable and displaced thousands of people from their homeland. Later, as a high school student in Mexico, I watched the news as the Zapatista uprising unfolded, opening my eyes to more displacement and the importance of sovereignty for Indigenous communities.


These formative experiences inspired me to dedicate my career to the preservation of land and home through training as a geographer. Over the years I’ve built information systems to support land sovereignty and environmental protection for both government and non-governmental organizations across the Americas and built models of home and community outside of conventional definitions. Along the way I’ve taught at two colleges and designed and taught trainings on topics ranging from alternative housing strategies to story mapping to responsible tourism development.


I’m currently designing low-cost community development models incorporating moveable homes and businesses and building a crowd-sourced zoning application to track zoning changes related to tiny houses across the country. Please get in touch if you'd like to collaborate!

"Lee is a builder - she can think analytically about a topic, flush out the idea, build the connections, and kick something off that is self-sustaining in operations and relevant with the changing world and community needs.

She is a natural leader who keeps groups focused, developing, and growing.

Keep building beautiful things that improve our world, Lee!"

- Testimonial from an anonymous 360 work survey, 2018


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