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Tiny House
Workshop Participant

Down-to-earth, accessible, and inspiring, Lee was an enthusiast about her adventure and so willing to build community.  She’s experienced the highs and lows of it all.  My head is now out of the clouds, and I know the things that need to be tackled or considered before I can embark on such a journey.

Eva, Home Renovation
Workshop Participant

I attended the inaugural session of this FANTASTIC workshop and I highly recommend it for womxn who are dipping their toes into the renovation waters. Even if you have a general contractor who will be overseeing the work, this is the best $ you can spend on your home.

"I got a lot of real world information about living in a tiny house in a short period of time and it was great. From the legal technicalities to everyday living and demographics, It was all so eye opening."

Tiny House
Webinar Participant

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Tiny House Basics

Covering all the major decisions that go into building or buying a tiny house: types of tiny houses, DIY or Buy, financing, placement & lifestyle considerations.

$75 / 2 hours

All workshops are currently offered as online webinars available immediately upon purchase.


Please contact me if you'd like an in-person or custom workshop.

Tiny Home Webinars


Tiny House Zoning & Placement

Learn about zoning regulations for tiny homes, how to find a place for your tiny house and best methods for searching, legal considerations and rental agreements, and how to set up the property and house.

$47 / 2 hours


Tiny House Design/Build

Covering the design/build process of a tiny house project including: common designs, building code and building phases, materials selection, project management, and systems for tiny homes

$75 / 2 hours


Home Renovation Module 1: Plan & Prepare



Home Renovation Module 2: Implement Your Plan


Home Renovation Webinars