Tiny House Design/Build




2 hours


About the Course

Covering the design/build process of a tiny house project including:
*Common designs
*Building code and building phases
*Materials selection
*Project management
*Financial considerations
*Systems for tiny homes

Your Instructor

Lee Pera & Jewel Pearson

In 2012, Lee built her own house on wheels and started the nation's first tiny house community in Washington DC to model how tiny houses could be used as urban infill. Her tiny house work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including NPR, Washington Post, Atlantic Cities, Dwell, Inhabitat, Al Jazeera, Architectural Record, and CNN.

With a background in community development, education, and geography, Lee helps citizens and communities to envision and enact housing and land stewardship models that are driven and owned by them. She has taught thousands of people around the country about tiny homes and alternative models for home and community through her workshops and events. She is currently building a data platform for zoning related to tiny houses.

ABOUT JEWEL (Ms Bohemian Soul):
After downsizing her homes and lifestyle over the course of 10 years, Jewel designed and built a beautiful 360 square foot tiny house in May of 2015 that she calls home. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, her urban and very chic tiny home has twice been a big hit on HGTV, has been featured in numerous print mediums both nationally and internationally and her most recent “I Live in a Tiny House” docuseries feature on Apartment Therapy’s TheNewHomesmiths won an award for its very real discussion and exploration into racism, housing inequality and redefining community.

A project manager and consultant by day, Jewel’s also a tiny house advocate and community leader sharing her experiences, offering consulting services and teaching workshops throughout the country to encourage and assist others in achieving their tiny living dreams. Her home represents a desire that many have to reduce their ecological footprint and focus more on practices of less and sustainability. Jewel is also the founder of Tiny House Trailblazers; a duo collaboration of powerful and uniquely talented black women who together are strong voices and a force for representation within the tiny house movement.

Lee Pera & Jewel Pearson