I bring 15 years of experience in community development, environmental planning, geospatial mapping, and the tiny house industry to help clients build home and community through creative approaches to zoning, technical exchanges, and resource sharing.



Jordan & Micha'le, Washington D.C.

"Lee gave us a lot of confidence with our purchase of two tiny homes. She helped clarify what questions we should be asking in regards to zoning and other needed permits. Also, she was able to clarify what steps were needed to take to make the homes functional. She provided us with info that is often buried or difficult to find." 

Community Design & Development
Mapping & Zoning
Tiny House
Information & Standards
Education & Outreach

50-minute phone or video consult on tiny homes, zoning, or community development



50-minute consultation with an hour of specialized research into your situation beforehand


Comprehensive Consultation

Services from design to implementation, remote or on-site.

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Community & Property Development

Consultations, presentations, suitability analyses, and mapping services

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